Presentations have evolved.

Have You?

Give a real presentation tuned to today's virtual world.

What is riding on your next presentation?

Funding? Expanding knowledge in your field? Your professional reputation?

If you are like many technical experts, you may find yourself facing the prospect of a major presentation with anxiety.

Not only is public speaking not the reason you went into science, engineering, or IT, but now you are faced with the challenge of pivoting from a live audience to a virtual stage. You are accustomed to making precise measurements and evidence-based assessments, but how do you measure your success at connecting with an audience, especially when you can’t see them?

Fortunately, help is available in the form of a self-paced, online course developed with you and your needs in mind. You can discover, as other experts have before you, how to Own the Virtual Stage™.

Discover how to avoid the most common mistake almost all technical presenters make, and why it’s an even worse problem for virtual presentations. Pick up a start-to-finish process that will steer you away from common pitfalls that leave your bored audience checking their emails. Find out what misstep is stopping your information from making a difference, and what to do instead.

Engineer-turned-professional-speaker David P. Otey has developed this course with you in mind, if you are a fellow engineer, a scientist, a project manager, IT specialist, or any kind of technical expert who…

  • Gives presentations about your work, and
  •  Wants those presentations to have a lasting impact, but 
  • Worries that your impact might be diluted in a webinar or other virtual format.

Don’t leave your reputation or funding to chance. You’ve prepared your data…your analysis…your solutions…using the best tools available to you. Why would you do any less when it comes to preparing your virtual presentation?

Own the Virtual Stage: Confidently Connect with an Unseen Audience

is available with a support forum for those who prefer to work independently; with group coaching for those wanting to make faster progress; or with one-on-one coaching for anyone striving for the highest level of professionalism in virtual presentations.


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